Community Partnerships

DPS is committed to the challenge of including economically deprived and under-privileged children into the main-stream. One such initiative is the Shiksha Kendra, whereby we have opened our doors to the marginalized children. They attend classes after school hours and are provided basic school education by specially recruited teachers who have been trained by our teachers and are constantly monitored by us. The students of Shiksha Kendra are provided free uniforms, teaching material and mid-day meals.

Contributing Citizens

No learning can bear fruit, unless it contributes towards the betterment of the community at large. The students of DPS share the responsibility of working towards a better world outside their boundaries. From an early age, Depsites are taught the importance of social responsibility, and the school aims to involve each child in community welfare.

Depsites have led the drive for a better environment with a series of initiatives both within and outside the school like 'Say No to Polybags' campaign and boycotting crackers with the 'Say No to Crackers' drive. They are introduced to environmental issues like conservation of water and electricity, keeping the environment green by planting trees, etc. With support from parents and corporate agencies, the school has geared itself towards the initiative – 'Keeping Vadodara Clean'.